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The BHS Alumni Association is a non-profit organization. Its purpose is to foster, maintain and support a mutually beneficial relationship between alumni and BHS. The PTSO Boosters board of directors, comprised of BHS Alumni and parents of current Drillers, governs the Association by setting policy, providing guidance for the Association’s programs and activities, and represents the interests of alumni to the school, students and employees of BHS. Service on the Board of Directors is open to any interested alumnus.

Vision Statement
The BHS Alumni Association is a dynamic organization that is recognized as a valuable resource to the BHS community and Driller family legacy. A dedicated Board of Directors will partner to effectively offer programs and Alumni Services that foster BHS traditions and preserve a passion for life-long involvement with the school. The association will strive to accomplish this vision through a variety of actions, events, services and communications. Our goal is to create an atmosphere which promotes positive feelings and interactions between the school, alumni and friends.

Mission Statement
To champion and nurture a life-long relationship between Bakersfield High School and its alumni.

Guiding Principals
1. Build relationships and a sense of camaraderie among students, faculty and alumni.
2. Engage alumni and students through the preservation of tradition and pride
3. Recruit alumni to actively promote BHS and showcase the Alumni Association as an essential partner of the overall Bakersfield Community.

Core Responsibilities
• Keeping our alumni connected to each other and to BHS. This includes maintaining an alumni database, supporting reunion planning groups, establishing and maintaining or website, publishing and updating our newsletter.
• Carry out fundraising and other charitable activities for the benefit of the school, its current students and alumni.
• To function as the alumni’s official voice in communicating with the school.
• Maintaining a calendar of events considered Alumni Only and supporting school events with Alumni nights and special engagements.
• Support reunions and other events for alumni and students.
• To serve and promote the educational, recreational and athletic interests of BHS.
• Giving back to our high school in the form of scholarships to BHS seniors.
• Honoring our Driller Hall of Fame recipients