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Through discussions of how to honor Principal, David Reese and his 20 years of service to BHS we learned of his dream to complete the area surrounding our historic water tower, now located at the Kern County Museum.

The water tower was built in 1933 by famed architect Charles Biggar and was originally used to increase the water pressure and irrigate the BHS campus. This tower became a physical symbol of our BHS legacy as the backdrop for 83 seasons of football and also became the “unofficial landmark” for alumni. We remember spiritedly its tagging by crosstown rivalries and reminisce fondly of the proud fixture as we 50,000 graduates walked through the shade it cast across Griffith Field. The water tower was lovingly relocated in August 2016 to the Kern County Museum. Although it withstood the earthquakes of 1952 unscathed, it failed to meet current building codes triggered by the Griffith Field renovation project.

Thanks to our generous donors, the Bakersfield High School Alumni Plaza/Water Tower project at Kern County Museum has been fully funded! However, it is not too late to add your name to the plaques. This campaign will remain open until December 31, 2019. All donations made during the remainder of the year will support Bakersfield High School, student programs. See below for more information and how to participate.

A special thank you to our donors thus far:

 Joseph & Stephanie Padilla  Matt & Christy Hornbuckle  Carl Delfino  Beth & Joe Nahama
 Lily & Rodney Nahama  Raechel Timme  Msgr. Craig Harrison  Mike & Jennifer Young
 Stella Rous  Class of 2019  Ed & Maria Paine  John & Keri Gless
 David & Janis Edmonson  Sid Thompson  Glinn & Giordano Physical Therapy  Cece Shanyfelt
 Herb Walker  Mr. & Mrs. Gary Guinn  Lila & Kyle Ray  Elizabeth Owen Coffey
 Nick Clarksean  Shem & Laura Oesch  Brian W. Grant  Kenneth H. Hunter III
 A&F Sheep Company, Inc.  Frank Echenique  Linda M. Wong  Francine Morelli Stanton
 Jeff & Sarah Crowley  Bear Mountain Veterinary Associates  Archie, Mason, Carson & Ella Parks  The Sheldon Family
 Bryan Batey & Marie Jelmini Batey  Norman Biane  Bill Rous  Bob Rous
 Marily Anton  Robin Johnston  Sandy Banducci  Trent Jones
 Dick, Brittany & Tucker Porter  John & Patricia Beard  Brian & Anne Busacca  Don & Shirley Pruett
 Glenn & Catherine Pruett  Scott Underhill  Blair & Jane Pruett  E. Cheyenne Bell
 George & Maureen Russell  Patti Blystone - Class of 1957  Bev Davis - Class of 1957  Dick Freeland - Class of 1957
 Barbara Hann - Class of 1957  Nancy Hazle - Class of 1957  Joyce Richardson - Class of 1957  John Rous - Class of 1957
 E.J. Rutledge - Class of 1957  Sandra Sandstead - Class of 1957  Norm Stanley - Class of 1957  The Kuney Family
 Janis Rush Class of ’57  Harold Taber Class of ’57  Linda Lum Takido  Glenn Parker Class of ‘62
 Alicia E. Rodriquez  Mr. And Mrs. Chuck Hashim  The Gutcher Family - (James Rollo '52, Franz Joseph '93, Ema Jane 2012)  Laurie Parker
 Darisha and Mark Hashim  Keathley Family  Caputo Family (Shannon ‘87, Sophia 2017, Joseph 2019, Isabella 2021)  Mark J. Papasergia
 David and Catherine Gay  Nicholas and Pamela Valos  Lauren Clarksean, Class of 2014 T.H. and Janis Lockard 
 Phillip Allan Scott, Class of 1963 Fanucchi Family, Cori and Jade  Hutson Family, Madeline 2019, Jenner 2023  Laura (Ogden) Afifi '93 
Mark & Cheyenne Romanini, Mikaela 2017, Elysa 2019, Luke 2021 VonFlue Family, Victoria 2017, Hanson 2019, Tevis 2021, Segen 2026  Sydney, Jeremy, & Kendall Peterson  Ken & Vivian Wegis, '40 
 Ames Family, Emily 2018, Colin 2020 Carree K. Nahama, '97 

The George and Sheila Frye Family

Tate Turner, Senior Class President 2019

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